Pay Per Click versus Organic Clicks

Rent or Own your clicks

Networking the other day, another business owner asked “Why am I not in the 7 Pack”

I pay like $1800 bucks and more, every month?

After doing a site audit, we at Chambers Marketing found the site was built for PPC or Pay per click, not organic clicks. A simple analogy is like are you: buying your house, are you renting your house? In this case: are your renting your internet marketing or you buying your internet marketing.

Organic ranking takes longer to get up to speed, but on Internet Marketing, you want to own your clicks, not rent them.

The audit revealed after the previous $8000.00 of investment to build the site, it was a SITE THAT ONLY LIKED PPC, Pay Per Click.

Our team, both local and national, with chambers marketing, suggested a $2500.00 repair or a $1500.00 new site and discard the $8k one.

The discard of an expensive site was hard to swallow, since it was purchased to get leads, which it did, but the content and the social media sites were never connected correctly, and 8 out of the top social sites for the clients Category was never set up. Hence, PPC or Pay Per Click was just that, a cost that was never going to be able to reduce in budget.

Today the client has a Brand New Site for Internet Marketing and is Ranking In the 7 pack just like they originally wanted.

Social media marketing is covered with the minimum of networks for their Niche: google plus, google maps merged, youtube, twitter, slideshare, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook business, Flickr, Photobucket, Pinterest and 16 other total first class connections.

Remember, ask if the site can rank organically in the 7 pack with out the expensive PPC, Pay Per Click Investment. Organic marketing takes longer to establish, but a combination of PPC, or Adwords or Remarketing, can be tapered off between the months 14-24, where the monthly investment is now a savings of 50% and your own your Website Marketing 100%.

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